AccelTRA® Component Program

Delivering packaging quality, speed and simplicity for generics customers

The AccelTRA Component Program offers market leading delivery times and a single next generation formulation for stoppers and plungers that help customers stay competitive. The AccelTRA Program can help generics manufacturers meet increasing quality standards, ensure fast response to market volatility and move product to market quickly.

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  • Meets Global Compendia
  • Robust Extractables and Leachables Package 
  • Multi-Puncture and Low Particulate Functional Performance

  • Optimized Lead Times
    • Sample available within 1-week
    • Commercial quantities available within 6-weeks* 
  • Global Supply Chain Manufacturing and Distribution Network
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific



*With provision of 90-day notification and drug product forecast

  • Single Next Generation Formulation 4031
  • Serum and Lyo Stoppers in 13mm and 20mm designs
  • AccelTRA® Select Plungers in 1-3mL and 5mL
  • Westar® Select Ready to Sterilize (RS) & Ready to Use (RU) steam sterilized product
  • Ready-To-Sterilize (RTS) product and Ready-To-Use (RTU) gamma sterilized product
  • Global Availability to offer help mitigating supply risk and the ability to platform on AccelTRA elastomer components to help reduce elastomer SKUs and inventory costs
With strong background information, you can mitigate risk, reduce testing, and get to market faster.
Our Extractables Package helps you assess compatibility for drugs coming off patent with actual extractables data specific to 4031/45. Please contact your Technical Customer Support (TCS) representative for a copy. In addition, TCS is available to answer your questions and proactively recommend formulation compatibility to help support your elastomer needs.
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