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June 09, 2021

West By Your Side for Collaboration: Providing Insight on Practical Strategies to Reduce Risk for Drug-Device Combination Products

Earlier this year, we held a free 3-day virtual workshop (4 hours per day) bringing together industry experts and thought leaders in a unique forum to address a series of challenges and practical strategies to de-risk their injectable combination product development and commercialization.
Caitlin Storbeck

Caitlin Joran

Specialist, Global Communications


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    Eecho Wang

    Specialist, Global Communications, CN

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    Helium Leak Testing

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    Birgit Mueller

    Birgit Mueller-Chorus Ph.D.

    Manager, TCS. Components Development

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    West Recognizes Diversity Month

    Maureen Hunter

    Maureen Hunter

    Employee Experience, Diversity & Inclusion, HR

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