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September 09, 2019

BioPharma Summit in China

China has now stepped into its &ldquo;golden age&rdquo; of biopharma; this year regulators approved the country&rsquo;s first biosimilar product, HLX01.&nbsp; Developed by Shanghai Henlius Biotech, it will be used primarily for treatment of non-Hodgkin&rsquo;s lymphoma<span>.&nbsp; Biologics are sensitive large molecules, so selecting the appropriate packaging and delivery system is critical.&nbsp; To this end, West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (&ldquo;West&rdquo;) recently held <em>China BioPharma Summit for Injectable Drug Packaging and Delivery Systems</em> in Suzhou.&nbsp; Over 200 persons attended.</span>
Candice Sun

Candice Sun

Jr Specialist, SA, China